Preparing for your photo shoot

The guide below will help you prepare for your photoshoot to ensure your images will turn out as best as possible!

Exterior Prep

  • Move all cars out of the driveway, either inside the garage or to the street. Don't park directly in front of the home, park far enough away so that vehicles are not visible through windows for any interior shots.

  • Put away trash cans. Ideally put them inside the garage, not along side or in back of the home. Generally all sides of the home will be visible in photos.

  • Pick up pet waste

  • Put away yard maintenance tools (shovels, rakes, hoses etc.)

  • Take down flags and put away any yard signs

  • Mow lawn, rake leaves, shovel snow off of patios decks and driveway (depending on the season!)

General Interior Prep

  • Turn on all lights and open curtains and blinds (if no one is home during the shoot I will do this)

  • Clear off all end tables and surfaces of clutter and non decorative items

  • Put away any personal/family photos

  • Hide paper clutter (magazines/mail/newspapers)

  • Put away remotes

  • Unplug or hide electrical cords as best as possible

  • Pick up small rugs and runners (in a photo these generally just make the space look cluttered)

  • Clean glass surfaces and windows, make sure there are minimal to no streaks

  • Hide trash cans

  • Vacuum all carpet

  • Sweep/mop all floors

  • Put away pet and children's toys

  • Put away pet accessories (food bowls, and beds)

  • Make beds


  • Make sure there are no dishes in the sink

  • Put away kitchen towels (unless they are clean/new and wrinkle free)

  • Put away dish soap, dish clothes/sponges etc.

  • Don't try to hide things inside the sink, they are often still visible

  • Hide dish drying racks

  • Pick up kitchen mats

  • Put away small appliances

  • Avoid hiding things in the microwave or the oven, they are often still visible through the doors.

  • Wipe down all appliances and make sure they are streak free

  • Wipe down counter tops and clean sinks

  • Clean the oven surface


  • Clear off the vanity of all toiletries, tissues and non decorative soaps.

  • Put away towels unless they are for decorative purposes and wrinkle free

  • Clean baths showers/shower doors

  • Take out all soaps and shampoos in the shower/bath (If the shower is clean and in good condition it generally looks better to photograph it with the curtain open. If it is a glass or semi opaque shower door,bright shampoos and toiletries are visible through the door and need to be removed).

  • Remove bathroom rugs

  • Close toilet lids

  • Hide toilet plungers/brushes